Names of a Future Land.

Space is nothing but a blanket of time. 

Within the rapture of comfort and patience we encounter
time as a vacuum of warmth and causality

 Jak pokonać własne serce

 Reflux is a distillation technique involving the condensation of vapors and the return of this

condensate to the system from which it originated

 According to zen Buddhism and most forms of Buddhism and quantum mechanics this life is just

another game of hide and seek.

 Any description of the universe which leaves you out is inaccurate. Because any description of

the universe is a description of the instrument that you used to take your reading of the

universe. And if the only instrument you used was your own nervous system, then you gotta

include your own nervous system in your description of the universe.

 use audio codes to indentify certain events. Whistle for dinner, two claps for Clickers

 Zip Ties.

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