I want to spend time sitting still, or walking slowly, wondering at and feeling the basic sense of existence, of being alive, of watching my breath, of hearing all sounds in the air, and of letting clouds and stars caress my eyes.  

I want to let go of anxiety and turn it into laughter, and realize absolutely that life and death are two sides of the same coin. I want a female companion who will, alternatively, melt into me and wrestle with me, see me and, befuddle me and then suddenly show that she can do so many things much better than I. 

I want to talk to interested audiences, and play with their questions, but also to listen to those who can tell me things I don’t know. I want to watch water which reflects many changing qualities of light and wind, and is visited by seagulls, pelicans, terns, grebes, and wild duck.

I want to sit on some far-out rock or a lonely beach and listen to the waves and look at the western sky at dawn. 

   I want to shoot arrows so high into the sky that they seem to turn into birds. I want to see mountains and prowl through their foothills and forests, listening at dusk, to unseen waterfalls.

I want to sit at a typewriter, at certain times carefully and meticulously putting into words what I feel- the challenge being that it cannot really be put into words at all. 

I want to go off to a colorful and spacious kitchen to experiment with some new kind of soup or stew, or method of steaming fish, or to see if I can cook with a Wok

I want to be able to allay pain and sickness with the touch of my hands. 

I want to make a fire of charcoal and burn cedar leaves or sandalwood, in the evening, while listening or dancing to the music.

I want to see the reflection of light in glass and crystal, and, laying on the ground, to look up at trees patterning a vivid blue sky…

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