I know a gal whose name is Natalsaurs

Her eyes will change your life,
they sure did mine.

It took about three minutes for her and I to fall in love. (Real sick with it.) 

By our third date we were planning out first vacation.

Every chance I get to see her feels like I lucked out. Like the first time the mountains met the sea.

She’s patient. Knows how to tell a joke.

(She’s a real sweet lady.)

By our third month we we’re figurin’ out how to move in together.

(She’s a real kind gal.)

Prettier than the dickens. That smile of her’s makes me shout out!

“Do you see her!?”

She can wear a tee or tank, she knows how to wear heels. She’s comfy. She reads books and listens to music from the 20’s.

She dances like a fighter pilot. She knows what wine is, owns a hammer.

She’s fought her battles, likes her tattoos like she likes her bourbon.

Looks like a knock out before she can even brush her teeth. (She’s a real gem.)

She’s my bun. She can hold a conversation. She’s got a soul that goes way back.

Before our first year we we’re already living together. 

Her Rabbit fell in love with me.

She’s curious, fearless. Strong- a talented professional.

(She’s a real beautiful women.)
She’s got a voice- a spirit that you can see. She’s a friend,

a companion, a critic. She wears sunglasses.

She’s a smart shopper, knows how to cook a turkey. She’s a dream and a morning by the lake. She plays boards games, and doesn’t mind a little rain. 

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