the world. Everyone in it,

moving at the same time.
It seems like everyone is after the same thing, but going about it in different ways.

The billions of us, sitting on different sides of the scale. The lows, the highs, middle, the bottom, the part of the scale that holds itself to together.

Standing / eating / sitting / breathing.

Expressing ourselves through clothes and culture, technology as a middle name. 

Games / practice / cameras. Everyone holding a phone or crossword puzzle.

It’s just another wild time in history.

We’re all wild here. 

Everyone thinking in their own way. Behaving within the own reality tunnel. 

The man with the air brushed hot rod t-shirt. The women with her expensively thin sandals. A gold watch, a calloused heel, white headphones, those pair of glasses. 

Each breath is theirs too.
A city is now more diverse than the jungle. 

People are allowed to be victims of their own making. A wild deer isn’t taking a loan; for a cell phone. 
But, both are just as amazing with the right perspective. With the right amount of expectation everything is so spectacular.

We’re all natural parts of nature. Some animals can type, and some animals can digest bones. 

So, why are the ones who can type feeling so displaced?

Social conditioning? Confusing education? Unexpected parents? A bad cup of coffee? A movie that just “didn’t cut it”

I think most of us just don’t really think about what we want.
We think about, what would feel good, what sounds good. What is good based on what we don’t have. But is that it?

Is there any one thing we can have that will clear away the desire for more

money / food / luxury / power / love / sin / more time / another chance / bigger / faster / smaller / taller / posture / her shoes / that boat / a new face / color / time / a house / a bigger name / better attitude / voice / skill / handwriting / outfit / hips / intelligence / style / talent / grace / reduction of clutter / usage of energy. 

Is there any one thing that will clear away the misinformation? The confusion, the search for more things? 

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