Right, Left? Here and Now.

I am convinced, that the RNC has our best interest in heart. It’s a real privilege of mine, as an American to live within the walls of this great country.

The ethnocentric culture, is truly enlightening. I feel a great sense of comfort, and honesty in the policies that are discussed in an American debates.

Sitting on the RED line, wondering why we haven’t gone to the Moon since 1969. 

Here I am feeling so proud to be an American. Here I am completely not interested, why 38 Billion dollars of (Nassau) research was destroyed following the first contact. 

Mr. Nixon really allowed me a sense of solidarity that I haven’t ever felt before.

Like you don’t believe they landed on the moon!? Well. They did. K? K!

You probably believe that Nixon didn’t sell dope to South America during the 80’s right!? Well, that’s wrong. K? K.


Quit yr inner dialog. 

Contra is just a video game. Right?

Every truth the government has provided has helped us grow and prosper as a civilization. Every fear, every unjustified notion that has crept into our minds has been sedated by the helpful politician-ers and they have helped us understand the truth.

I’ve read the admissions. All twenty eight pages, right? Right on the nose.

We always share the documents that explain what actually happened. I haven’t been lied to, I love my country. This has to be the truth. 

VAN ALLEN BE DAMMED, right? Right.
The truth is, I love what the RNC does for communities, and I support and agree with the doctrine that provides the most accurate truth. Personally, I love America.

I enjoy the glory of honesty, and I continue to thrive in the clean light of Don, and Hill, and Ted, and Stein.

My vote is sacred, my vote is based on my belief, and I’m happy that the RedCoat National Convention has allowed me a platform to cast my vote.


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