Sith Rich

When we hear about crime, we hear a re-telling of an event that happened based on the individuals involved.

When we hear about crime, 

we hear about a victim, and we hear about a perpetrator. Don’t we?

Crime creeps up on us right? It tells us a story of the past. When we talk about crime, we are talking about an event that happened to certain individuals.

It is rare, (before recently) that we hear about crime as it is happening. 

Through advancements in technology we have enabled ourselves the ability to talk about crime; in real time.

So look at that. Look at the fact that we’ve created a society where crime, and love, and fun, and picnic-table-hard-earned-food-family-gatherings are (potentially) communicated in real time. 

So, let’s understand that. As a whole, all the stories we’ve heard of families and enemies throughout the centuries have all been communicated in the past tense.

And now,

the technology we allow ourselves has allowed us to communicate, faster 

and with more detail.

Not one single person in the tsar-era was ever concerned about dissenting to FB about their fathers commiting acts of travesty.

Not one single German during the Last War was posting to Twitter. 

So now what are our Delicates, thinking about? What are our public officials doing at seven o’clock in the morning? 

What are our representitives filled with? 

Is it laughter, and food?

I’m not sure. 

 What I do know, is that the 2016, United States presidential election has never happened before.

And what I do not know is the forensic truth behind that young man’s death.

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