Left-Wing, Republican Sex Party.

Density increases at the sheer mention of it.

As soon as I heard the rain, it started to fall from the clouds in a rapid torrent, and before I could finish my thought, the rain was gone.
Ya know, for me, this is an observation about how facetious we all are toward our own reality— look at it, really dive into it.

You see all these HeadLines, all the time, these fucking corduroy pillows of thought:

“Ten reasons why you should shop smart.”

“You won’t believe, what happens next!”

“Click the link below for more details”

All these trains are being pressed against our skull. These wicked abusers of language, the devilish folklore of century old Mystics are alive within our social media.
This is the dark age. Ya know, 

and it’s disguised in technological advancement. 

Because, really, everyone thinks that the Internet has allowed so much transparency of thought. And bud, I couldn’t disagree more.

For sure, I can’t help but see an ever present facade that rears its head when we actually talk about transparency, 

and this is just what I mean to talk about.

… Just go the whole way, and don’t short circuit your own mental process!! 

Heed disinfo, yeh.

Learning is far more complex than sharing.

Give yourself a decent nights study.  Not because you have to, but because you’re curious.

Try going the whole way.

Ya know?

It’s like yoga. Yeah, yeah, the yogi, the spirit visage, the teacher that shows the course. All of that. We’re building more modern day buzzwords. Being in it, like you get effected by it– people think you’re profound, and that’s why it doesn’t matter–

You see? You check your source?

Vet your point of view. Are

you arguing? Vet your opponent!

Find the facts that dispute your opinion and open your damn mouth to it. 

It does matter.

Do you see where it’s going?

Have you divulged into the nature of this terrible corruption? The plains are filled with engineered media-metaphors, the planes are filled with decent humans, technology, planes are filled with: future. 

Watching the forests grow smaller, plains are bought and sold in the same breath as 

our cyclical-pharmaceutical-hellywood-parking-spot-Hillary-clit-toon-tell-your-self-you’ve-heard-all-the-facts.

Where, went the empirical interest in understanding our natural world?

“This business thinks in Centuries”
And. Even if we ain’t

—we wear’ a trick 

that convinces the people we love- into sharing the thoughts that we think we should care about.

Black lives matter; 

but, dude, not because we said they should!

Because they actually fucking do man, Arab too, white, slang, troop, beat, Jew, trick, whore, junky. Descriptions don’t identify the individual. 

(The word water, isn’t wet)

The rent increases, the mortgage, the land is thinning out. Air and oil, like symptoms of the same coin. The 

victim is the same person that you disagree with.
So let’s take a moment and figure out what it is that we are talking about. 

You know what it is!

And it’s so easy

to distract yourself with what else you think-you think matters, 

and I mean 




What is the cost 

of our 


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