The Pappy Bridge Ceremony.

Love is meant to make people better. You can improve upon everyone while being connected with love. The worlds that orbit within all minds are laden with asteroids and fractions of separate time. Truth is felt when words are not allowed, in the path of non-thinking the world of life opens to the spirit of individual.

Once you inhibit a land of love; you sense that you are a part of it too; you begin to inhabit a place of comfort and fulfillment.

All truth is held within the hands of the loudest silence

floor boards on top of the tailgate where water
sinks and rises with motions of thoughtlessness.

All thought is a vacuum of the unseen. A vacuum into the quantum, our hearts reflect that which is exhibited throughout nature. The place of our Earth is not something that we came into, but an environment where which we were born from.

The place that we call home is a place that we grew out of; just like any natural mineral or gas. The atoms of our existence are not separate from our thoughts, but apart of our significance.

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