Freedom From The Known

The things you have; are not the things you are.

The thoughts in your head are a reflection of the time you had them. They go away. Our mind is always making room for new thoughts, new water upon the shore.

There is an old adage that says: all thoughts are old.

This is a notion that I very often find myself coming back to. The moment you have an idea, let it go. The moment you think you have figured it out, let it go.

This life, as far as I have found is a series of verbs and not a stack of noun. This life is built on verbs, using the boxes of nouns that don’t exist.

Sometimes, sure, I believe there needs to be a plan in order to act. You cannot always go through society supported by your instinct. The majority of time you spend with yourself is not spent in action. But in, inaction.

Countless hours spent sleeping, reading, watching moving pictures, and still pictures; these are to be considered actions. Yet the value in these verbs is in non-action.

What are you thinking when you are doing what you are doing? What is the layer of thought that rebounds within your mind when you are occupied? Often times your thoughts cannot be accounted for during the verb process.

A better way to explain this, is with an exercise: Next time you find yourself laughing, become aware of the fact that you’re laughing.

Acting is not a reflective process.

How do I open my own hand? Surely, I know that I can, but is there conscious thought that I have that tells my hand to open? How do I color my own eyes?

These are actions that happen without the process of any logic synapse. You don’t need to sit down and prepare yourself to grow your own hair. This is a process of the body that happens without your intelligence. And this is in just the same way that thoughts form.

There is no reason to have thoughts. There is no reason to: “Start thinking!”

The process of telling yourself to think, takes longer than simply allowing yourself to think.

So this is the principle in which I construct my own life. Following a path where my vulnerability is kept in balance with my ability to exist. That is to say, follow thine path!  Be intelligent enough to hold a conversation with a stranger, be stupid enough to live on instinct.

I am beholden to the notion that all events in this life are bound to a sense of perfection. Not to use the word perfect as an adjective to describe any particular event. But only in the way to suggest that if everything was not perfect, it would have happened in a different way.

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