Sit-comma Rom Com Bash-Laureate Party.

Nature is a hell of a poet.

You cannot write
songs compared
to the mystery of nature.

She has done it better for longer, and with
more support. The mountain pass holds better sonnets
than that of Milton.

The river stream trumps Faulk, and Hem, Sartre,

and the Stoics have no way of beating their own heart.

Give me one religion that holds the ability to grow their own hair,
and I will find you the future of science.

The fragile body that inhabits us, is only a shell of organic
microbes. The intelligence in our minds transcends, the

very nature of our body! Stories are a language that travel
through time farther
than the events that grow
from the active consciousness.

I write poems in the same way, that I
plant tomatoes, mint,
and cilantro on my fire escape.

Humanity is glorious and strong!

Yet fragile and built for falling apart.

Knowledge has a higher survivability rate than Homo Sapiens.


Yet simultaneously all current recorded knowledge was
created and transcribed (most likely) through the human condition.

In the wave/particle duality we always find
ourselves where we end up; in the

places where our thoughts
trick themselves into the notion that
we are not connected…

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