There are Only Three Letters

Rain stammered down slow and quiet on a cool August evening.  Soft light stretched from a
bronze Possini lamp that rested on an oak coffee table, along the far wall. Their living room had dark
crown molding that contrasted the ceiling color poorly. The couple sat on the floor reading.
Neither of them paying attention to the rain fall, or the molding.

Without looking up she asked “Did you know, there are only 3 letters in the English language that
force you to put your lips together when you say them.”

I sat, for a moment. Pondering the simple, yet strange observation. I’m sure i looked like a
tangled child as i cycled through each letter in my head.

“What about ‘Double-U'” i whispered, and i cleared my throat.
“Double-U, doesn’t count- because it has a Bee in it.”
“But it’s still a letter!”
She smiled “Nope, it doesn’t count.” Firm- yet generous with her reply.

I listened, as we sat in silence. Two cars drove past sloshing up the fallen rain with
a steady swoosh. Their headlights panned like spot lights thru the kitchen window and
onto the white textured ceiling.

“Are you sure that Double-U doesn’t count?” I questioned with a quarter smile.

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