Humans Are Super Good at Self Replicating.

To intelligently erase, and reformat our past experience through death is an ability that we all posses.

I have recently been using a metaphor in reference to the human life.  That human existence is a: computer file.

If we assume that our biology is largely rooted in the electronic synapse of our planet, than we can also say: the human race is a program which now exists upon a computer.  The computer of our planet.  We are born into an ecosystem of atoms and molecules, not prickly thorns, or gooey matter.  Our paradox grows the more we experience the vast differences of the Moment.

We perpetuate this metaphor in a physical way.  If you observe the populous in a manner of this parallel you will see how dependent we have become on the electronic synapse.

Our society is collectively moving toward of culture of technology.

(ie. if humans are programs then the planet is a computer equipped with the hardware to self-replicate our code. [D.N.A])

There are many possibilities in this life, and in the short time that i, have lived upon this planet; i can confidently claim the importance of creativity and reproduction. Not simply in an “arty” or physical soft-of way, but simply in the joy of creating… something.

I cannot claim to have any fantastic truth in mind — however i can confirm the beauty of a smile, and the joy of a joke.

We have only made humans for a few million years, and I can only hope that we will be humans for a few thousand more.

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